Training Materials

L&D is all about achieving business objectives. We create engaging, bespoke and relevant training materials and resources that mean you don’t have to compromise with an off-the-shelf package.

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Video Production

Corporate video, whether it is on an intranet, a website, within a presentation, hosted by a third party or distributed via a USB is still the most popular method of communicating to employees and customers.

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Digital Concepts & Design

Design is key to engagement. Engagement is key to successful communication projects. We apply the rules of design to emails, presentations, events, documents and the web.

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Media Production

Media production is 99% creativity and 1% technical know-how. Conference, events, videos, animations, and podcasts all require creative treatments that are designed to deliver objectives.

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Clarity comprises of consultants, facilitators, designers, producers and technicians. Below are your key points of contact.

Simon Burgess
Creative Director Video

Simon has been directing and producing for TV and corporates for over 25 years. He was worked all over the world and in every business sector. Simon believes that all video should have the same production values as a quality TV drama.

Andrew Cameron
Strategy and Content

Andrew is a comms strategist and content writer. A background in theatre and scriptwriting, Andrew moved into corporate comms through training, videos and events. Now primarily writes and develops comms campaigns.

John Mitchell
Producer and Writer

John is a creative producer and also writes/designs training courses and materials. John has over 25 years experience of working with business leaders to improve communication, employee engagement, and learning at all levels of the organisation.

Chris Gelardi
Digital Designer

Chris works on all aspects of digital design from PowerPoint slides that look fantastic, to micro websites for launching products or services, to digital marketing such as a emails and social media. Chris also manages virtual conferences and webinars.

Stuart Tannahill
Animation & Video

Stuart is a director, designer and animator. With 30 years experience of working in video production Stuart is the first to learn about a new technology or device that will enhance productions and make the experience more engaging for the viewer.


Below are some examples of recent work. For more information about specific types of projects please get in touch.




We were established in 1999 and many of us have over 20 years experience of corporate communications and the media.


We are based in Reading, Berkshire with offices in London and our work takes us all over the world.
Call us on +44 (0) 7884 185649 or send us an email by completing the form.

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